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This page will contain links to help International browsers. I have checked the sites and have found them to contain helpful information. More will be added as found.  

Moving Overseas
“ is the gateway to global real estate, offering relocation services, news and featured articles to breakdown the barriers of buying international real estate”

The Ultimate Checklist for Moving House

In New Zealand education is free and compulsory from the age of 5 through 18. Special circumstances can allow students to enter the work force or take up other career studies at an earlier age. This site has an educational employment area as well although intending tutors must have a Dip Teaching or approved equivalent from the Ministry. Average yearly income for a blackboard face teacher is around the $40,000NZ again depending on Qualifications etc.

New Zealand Weather: 

Art Gallery Online
Bringing original art to you - online - for your new home!

Whats on, where, who etc accommodation, dinning and more.    travel packages,accomodation, activities, transport, events,
MAps, travel info.,user friendly, great ideas., an employment search engine for New Zealand.

Information on all aspects of Law and Order. Firearms regulation and liscening, requirements for joining the force and more.

International Real Estate Directory:
Comprehensive Real Estate Directory's.

Change My Address:
If your changing address this site has plenty of information and help to make the pain less. Hints tips traps to avoid etc.