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BUYING & SELLING real estate,   by AUCTION,   by TENDER

1    Meaning of words and phrases, and interpretations
2    Notices
3    Priorities for sections of the agreement
4    Faxed signitures and extra copies
5    When trustees sign the agreement
6    Signing by an Agent    
7    Another buyer
8    Changing the agreement
9    When something has been incorrectly described
10    Lowest price
11    Interest on overdue payments
12    Deposit
13    Rules applying to the conditions in the agreement
14    Giving approvals or consents
15    Goods and service tax    GST    
16    Property title
17    Unit titles
18    Boundaries and fences
19    Promises
20    What happens if the property is damaged before settlement
21    Buyer can inspect the property
22    New title to be issued for the property
23    Settlement of the sale and purchase
24    Possession of the property
25    Essential terms of the agreement
26    The seller's right to re-sell
27    Other rights under the agreement
28    How the agreement can end and when it ends    
29    Sorting out disputes
30    Autions and Tenders
31    When part of the agreement cannot be relied on
32    Agents commission